october 2014

Created in 2014

Let’s See….1000 – 9000

2013, world atlas, pear shaped separatory funnel + roadmap of Switzerland, 23 x 38 x 30 cm   (9 x 15 x 12 inches)

andrew m. wenrick

Let's See....1000 - 9000
Countries are not unlike some people.

They strive to be independent.

Separating themselves from others.

Some to extreme isolation.

It is only an experiment.

What was once separate can again be together.

The sloping sides are designed to facilitate the identification of layers.
The stopcock controlled outlet is designed to drain the contents out of the funnel.
To use, two or more elements are added through the top with the stopcock at the bottom closed.
The funnel is then closed, shaken and set aside to allow for the complete separation of the elements.
The top and bottom tap are then opened and the elements are released by gravitation.

Color wheel 11

2012, pencil shavings + mixed media, 54 cm dia. (21 in. dia.)

andrew m. wenrick


Reverse Voyeurism

2012, wood, LCD, circuit boards, 26 x 92 x 13 cm (10.25 x 36.2 x 5.12 inches)

andrew m. wenrick

The sculpture, “Reverse Voyeurism,” is essentially four crisp, still images of the same landscape. Four LCD screens play through independent sixty-minute loops. Countless voyeurs peering in at you as you are watching them. Images appear to be static, but then your eye catches movement –someone walking through the frame…and they are looking at you. Then they are gone. A few seconds later on a different screen, more voyeurs. And then, movement on a third screen. And the fourth. Back and forth, your eyes scan screen to screen watching these voyeurs look in at you. It becomes captivating to compare the passers by reactions – how bold will the voyeurs be? Who is watching who? Included are a few video clips taken from this project.

Spherical series 22

2012, mixed media, 23.5 x 36.5 x 5 (9.25 x 14.25 x 2 in), detail

andrew m. wenrick

The pages of this Michelin guide, at one time, provided a round trip gastronomic adventure throughout all of France.  The particular symbols at the bottom of each page unlocked the potential that lay ahead.  This guidebook has circled the globe, in addition to France, as it was dispersed among faithful users.  Particular destinations had blossomed with potential and now these nodes of exploration have sprouted through to completion and lay in decay.


2009, maps, paper and matte board, 40.5 x 55.5 cm each (16 x 22 inches each)

andrew m. wenrick


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