sept 2022

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a solo show of works by

Lynne Rossington

The essence of Lynne’s work is clean, strong, balanced form inspired by her architectural design background. She has a fascination with how materials are joined and how one finish is juxtaposed against another. Details of metals, sand and stone are incorporated to express the association of elements that, like clay itself, occur naturally within the landscape and beneath the earth.

Her pieces explore different making techniques – primarily slip casting and hand building. She likes to express the beauty of the natural fired finish of clay, whether it be creamy smooth porcelain or rough textured black earthenware with sand inclusions.  She uses minimal glazes, just the odd pop of colour, and almost always the addition of a detail of gold, copper or steel.

­The organic hand built vessels in this collection were inspired by a trip to the Puna region of Argentina. A remote plateau 3,000m high in the Andes, which is home to extraordinary volcanic rock formations, salt flats, and pools which are home to  embryonic prehistoric life forms.  Each form captures the transient folds and textures in the earth.  The signature gold detail mirrors the seams of precious minerals that lie beneath. The vessels are made exclusively from black or white porcelain with 23ct gold leaf or gold resin detail which is individually applied to accentuate the veins in the clay.

The precision and control achieved from slip casting these vessels is very appealing to Lynne.  Above all, she strives to focus on individuality through altering or adding to the piece after it is removed from the mould.

The collection of slip cast vessels is about taking cheap, mass produced items and transforming them into individual, beautiful objects in finely finished porcelain. Lynne likes to express the beauty and delicacy of the unglazed clay and juxtapose it with metal elements – the copper spoon ‘handle’, the metal leaf bottle tops, the steel frame suspending the test tubes. These pieces lend themselves to an element of playfulness and demand to be looked at in a new way.

Group of milk bottles in black, white and grey porcelain.  Slip cast.  Silver, gold and copper leaf to pinched porcelain bottle tops.

Lynne Rossington

Group of black and white porcelain vessels.  Slip cast.

Lynne Rossington

Black porcelain and terra cotta jugs.  Slip cast. Copper spoon ‘handle’ detail.

Lynne Rossington

Group of black and white textured porcelain vessels. Embedded sand and metallic details.

Lynne Rossington

Steel hanging frame with white porcelain test tube.  Slip cast.

Lynne Rossington

Steel hanging frame with orange porcelain test tube.  Slip cast.

Lynne Rossington

For a more comprehensive list of works please call or stop by the gallery.

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